It’s OK Not To Be OK

We are all on our own personal journey, but from time to time that journey seems long, hard, and daunting and it goes from being a wonderful exciting journey to a dark and dangerous slog. In those dark times it is so hard to see the light again and find the strength to get back on the right path, at times like these it’s important to reach out to your friends, family or in many cases a fellow Veteran……… It’s OK not to be OK.

For way to long we have been told to ‘man up’ or to get a ‘grip’, those days have gone now thankfully and here at Wirral Veterans we actively encourage Veterans, beneficiaries and the wider community to engage with us. Our front door is always open, and a hot drink is moments away, we are here for you and you alone and we will listen to you and help you find that path again.

it is important to remember that although you may feel all alone, you are not, you are surrounded by people who want to help you and be part of your journey, we have walked the path that you are on also, we reached out and found the support we needed to get us back on that wonderful and exciting path.

Carl Woods

Senior Manager

Wirral Veterans CIC

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