The people we support are central to everything that we do.  We believe that each person is unique and should have the opportunity to take control over their life, and to develop new skills and untilise the support we can give.

We concentrate on the person and their individual needs, choices and aspirations.  We encourage people to actively take part in decisions about their support and future helping them achieve new levels of self confidence and independence.

We support people to build their confidence, self-esteem and help them develop links within their community.  We work on an individual basis to tackle any barriers stopping individuals from living a fulfilling life. 

We also provide supported housing services with staff available to help people develop their independent living skills.

Each of our four properties has a designated Support Manager to help with their daily needs providing a safe and warm home where they can trust us to take good care of them, often in a time of crisis. 

Following a holistic assessment, clients have a personal plan tailored to meet their needs.  They are then encouraged to review how they finally arrived at Wirral Veterans and the best way for them to proceed.  They immediately start work on themselves ie by taking personal responsibility for their own recovery.  Each day of their stay is geared to maximising their recovery with a Support worker by their side, working at their own pace.

We work on a one-to-one basis to help develop the self-belief that they have an important contribution to make to society.