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Wirral Veterans are proud to help those who bravely fought for us.  That’s why we appreciate the kind words veterans and their loved ones share with us about how we served them. 

We have helped hundreds of veterans and their families navigate through civilian life and gain a better understanding of how life experiences can affect them moving forward.

Here are some of our client’s  experiences …

“I was in a very low state when I came into the supported housing at Wirral Veterans in August 2019.  Due to active addiction I was physically suffering with acute weight loss, lack of confidence, had no job and desperately needed help. 

Wirral Veterans gave me a safe place to stay and the close contact with staff helped me gain direction and confidence.  I was encouraged to be involved in local recovery services and peer support and I now feel my natural character has returned. 

I’ve also put healthy weight back on now I am no longer engaged in active addiction”  (March 2020)


“I came into Wirral Veterans full of anxiety with no confidence and found it very difficult to talk to people.   Diagnosed with depression I was unable to see my children and found it difficult to even leave the house at times. 

The House Manager at Wirral Veterans helped me so much.  He took me out to museums and other days away from the supported housing where I was staying.  He really helped bring my anxiety down and build my confidence in being away from the house.  He also helped me get contact again with my children and I now see them twice a week. 

I really feel my life is moving forward onto bigger and better things.”  (March 2020)


“I moved into supported accommodation at the end of August 2019.  My life was in a dire situation as I was homeless.  I’d given up a full time job in June as my drug use was out of control and I’d gone from 13 stone to 9 stone.  As soon as I moved into supported accommodation I was made welcome.  I shared the house with four other guys who were also in recovery at various stages.

I worked closely with our House Manager and we devised a care plan and had a great chat.  He was an ex Army medic and a lovely guy who endeavoured to help me which he has tremendously. 

I’ve been on multiple spiritual retreats, built a great fellowship and we went on great trips like car racing.

The staff will always be there to listen to problems you may be going through and go to any lengths to help solve them.  I’m in a far better place in respects of my life than I was and I’m so grateful for everyone’s love and support.”